Microfluidic Biochip

Megaforce has successfully manufactured microfluidic IVD products since 2016 and was able to micronize complex surface topographical features with geometries < 0.05 mm with sub-micron tolerances production. Our micro-injection molding system simplifies manufacturing for microfluidic IVD. All manufactured biochips are then analyzed by our contact and non-contact scanning analyzer to verify critical coordinates ensuring that dimensions and micrometer precision are met.

Megaforce can also design and customize manufacturing processes for individual customers according to the specified requirements. Processing involved in IVD biochip manufacturing includes, but is not limited to, adhesive selection, dispensing technology/methodologies, bonding/curing parameters, and bonding strength.

IVD Biochip Manufacturing Process (Not a Comprehensive List)
Adhesive Selection
Dispensing Technology/Methodologies
Bonding/Curing Parameters
Bonding Strength

By streamlining our services, Megaforce can customize our turnkey solution for all our clients.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Instrument (Trocar)


  • Innovative design with reduced length
  • Balloon design to prevent unexpected displacement
  • Variable size in inner diameter
  • One-way valve to prevent air leak
  • Disposable

    Field of Application: DAT (Dynamically Adjustable Trocar) is the first adjustable Trocar that fits in abdominal walls of variable thickness. Surgeons can adjust the length of the Trocar by a simple pull-action, ideal for laparoscopic surgery.

    DAT is an innovative and minimally invasive surgical device. When faced with an unmet need, Megaforce took action and took a physician’s idea from paper to commercialization, which resolved a specific limitation faced by many surgeons.

    From market research, material selection, CAD-CAM, prototyping, tooling to test runs and batch production, with certified quality management and PLM system, we completed DHF to DMR, to assist our clients in achieving a safer, higher quality, and more cost-effective solution.

  • Drug Delivery System (Respiratory Care)


  • High precision mold, unilateral tolerance < 0.015 mm
  • High roundness and concentricity
  • Tolerance between long and short axes <0.15 mm
  • Assembly Tolerance < 0.05 mm
  • Aperture size range: 0.2-0.4mm

    Field of Application: Megaforce specializes in precision mold design, processing, manufacturing and sub-assembly of complex drug delivery combination system such as soft-mist inhalers and nebulizers. To better serve our customers, Megaforce conducts patent infringement analysis, reverse engineering, material and mechanical design, precision injection molding;, quality control, and 3D inspection on each unit we produce.

  • Internet of Things Integration (IoT)

    Field of Application: Megaforce aims to not only be part of the IoT ecosystem, but also plays a key role in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), to connect a collection of medical devices and applications with healthcare IT and network systems.

    Our engagement in advanced technology research and development leads to better product solution in combining three processes and techniques of low pressure Molding (LPM), insert molding and overmolding into a single product – an IoT wearable device. This device has distinctive benefits of being water, dust and shock proof

    We also consolidate electronic modular designs, such as LED multistage controller, with our injection molding capability to provide a total solution to health monitoring system. The design and development of the modular embedded solutions conform to IEC-60601 and have been thoroughly verified and validated. With innovations like this Megaforce is working to radically change the way we access and monitor health in order to improve and increase positive outcomes in our clients’ patients.