About Us

Our Mission

To resolve limitations faced by medical professionals globally by being an outstanding designer and manufacturer, creating mutual value for customers and suppliers while achieving sustainability and quality growth. Megaforce also strives to provide/improve existing medical device ecosystems that coexist with growing technological capabilities.

Beyond a Traditional Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

Megaforce is a professional plastic components and opto-mechatronics service provider that specializes in the integration of precise plastic injection molding, micro-precision structure mold development, electronic assembly, spray painting, etc. Megaforce helps guide from the front-end process to the back-end process. After forty years of diligent development efforts, we are expanding progressively and growing steadily from OEM, ODM to OBM.

Faced with both the development of technology, the dynamics of change, and the needs of consumers, Megaforce continuously invests in research and development to focus on the application of materials.

Using projects like the Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), forming technique, bi-injection/multi-injection molding, mount technology with high-adhesive UV glue, silicone handle oil, and more. Megaforce aims to not only provide different products for clients and better strategic alignments, but a more complete manufacturing solution.

Our clients have become the backstage driving force in the progress of various aspects of technology and life, including companies with 3C products (computer, communication, and consumer electronics), advanced computer gaming, high-end home entertainment equipment, vehicle components, medical appliances, aerospace equipment, and more.

Over years of rapid change, Megaforce has been able to successfully open locations internationally in Taiwan, China, Mexico, and the USA providing global logistics management in strategic thinking and highly adaptable services.

Megaforce’s labors towards the techniques of plastic injection molding has led to the expansion of our business toward the development of medical silicone injection molding technique. From its progress in component manufacturing to the integration of Mechatronics, it leads to the need for high precision biomedical materials through the precise manufacturing process. Currently, it provides dental electromechanical integration products, minimally invasive surgical system, medical integration products through IoT (Internet of Things), medical machinery products, and medical teaching courses.

Although focused on continuing improvements in the manufacturing industry, Megaforce also continues to improve the quality of lives around the globe and stands for promoting the application and accessibility of medical equipment and providing clients with better options for treatments to create a positive outcome for our clients’ patients.

Worldwide Locations

Global Presence in Taiwan (Taipei), China (Shanghai, Suzhou and Dongguan), Mexico (Tijuana), USA (California and Idaho).
Factory Locations

Tijuana Mexico

Building 1, Blvd Pacifico, 7630

Parque Industrial Pacifico, Tijuana

Taiwan Tucheng

No. 5, Ziqiang St., Ticheng Dist.,

New Taipei City 236, Taiwan

China Shanghai

885 Xinye Road, Qingpu

Industrial Park, Shanghai City

China Suzhou

Wujong District, Suzhou City,

Jiangsu Province, China

1 Shijin Rd., Xijiang Industrial Park

China Dongguan

3rd Industrial park, Huangting

Village, Jongtang Township,

Dongguan City, Guangdong

Province, China